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April 28, 2011
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Doodledumplings by AngelingX Doodledumplings by AngelingX
EDIT: can anyone actually see the fullview wtf.
2nd EDIT: okay fixed it
stupid category, just because it's a gif doesn't mean it can't be in the trad section SO I JUST CHOSE A RANDOM CATEGORY changed it back to jpg C:

crap load of doodles ranging from 2009 (or maybe even 08) to 2011
large file it took me forever to resize it to under 30MB SUCH A PAIN, it was originally 167MB wtf, but FULL VIEW PLEASE C:

i have this slight obsession with the comic DOGS, but i never got around to reading it........but i still doodled them lol

going horizontally (well as close to horizontally as possible):
badou from DOGS
some guy with a lollipop w/ some random hands trying to steal it........
some guy w/ lighter, i think this is inspired by some random character from i think code breaker though i've stopped reading that now, itís boring the heck out of me
zombie with mouth in his abs (lol boomer from L4D + gluttony from FMA inspired i suppose)
attempt at characterisation of characters without the actual person but with their personal belongings (i.e. bags, shoes)
doodles of skulls, girl with guns, roses, typography, eyes, guy playing piano drawn on those post-its, black guy/rapper, lips, Noctis from FF, Harpus Meyer Reginald (Crow) character by =TotenVeloren, i'm addicted to her stuff

Toki from Code Breaker
Ryuu Tsuji from Special A
some circus freak .. i don't even know... ajshdajks
some random rock band chicks idk..
DOGS again
if you squint really hard its a couple kissing, with a hole right in the middle of the guy's head haha (it's not on purpose i swear)

some girl with a huge ass hat..i think it was supposed to be Ciel (kuroshitsuji) at first
Ciel from kuroshitsuji
Allen from d gray man
believe it or not, Rosalie and Emmet from Twilight
more eyes, the one on the cardboard I drew in the back of a car ride :V
some egyptian kid with a glass dagger, was supposed to be a concept but never got around to executing it, my drawing skills sucked too much
girl/guy thing inspired by akumas (demons which looks like a cross between machinery and people) from DGM
guy below in a suit is my friend, though i think i over beautified him lmao
girl pouring MAGICAL TEA in some butler's cup (the butler is a failed attempt at Sebastian)
guy sitting upside down on couch, i used to do that a lot when i was younger :>
Xanxus from Reborn
the skull butterfly golems from DGM
blank eyed gunner chick with her floating gun lol
creepy girl in creepy tree
Tito and Juan Mahenzerati characters by =TotenVeloren
cookie monster : D

the blue thingy is actually a dragon (turn your head sideways like so (: )
Rin from Ao No Exorcist
Roma Descartes character by =TotenVeloren
kanda from DGM
Metal Slug doodles
Teapot again by =TotenVeloren, did I mention I was obsessed?

crazy psycho people with blood on their faces, I for once had red pens with me so this thing came out
VK rose lol made from torn up name sticker thingy
girl with a knife struggling with a guy, women wtf are you waiting for stab him already!?
guy with grenade, and no, nothing to do with Bruno Mars, this was drawn before that
medicine frog smoker with AN AWESOME TADPOLE PIPE. i suppose a lil Naruto inspired lol does that decrease the awesome-ness?

Congrats if you read through the whole entire thing, my longest artist comment to date
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